An Open Letter to the Leaders Who Come After Me

The author at Turner circa 2001

These were the constants. Great Teams. Great Culture.

People liked to work on our team.

We kept it fun. It was lighthearted at times. I’d often enter rooms with a joke. We worked hard — too hard many times — but we did so without competition and in-fighting. We always wanted to help each other. We did not accept the Zero-Sum Game and believed that all boats rise with the tide.

I prefer to be thought of as one of team,

not as the leader of it.

In a very real sense this is the right way to think about a leader, their role should be in service to the team. Not the other way around.

My charge to you is to focus on the team and culture.

Cultivate people.



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Byron Saltysiak

Byron Saltysiak


Technologist. Leader. Passionate about growth and helping others.