Teleprompt moves to DALL-E 3

The image generation game

Byron Salty
4 min readJan 1, 2024

Last year I built a little Wordle clone, with the premise that you had to pick words from a prompt instead of letters from a word.

Essentially, the game gives you an image and you are expected to recreate the image by guessing prompt which is made up of 5 words (and maybe a small word that is given to you). Beyond that the game is mostly like Wordle where the words turn green/yellow/gray based on their correctness.

For example, the image below was created with a prompt in the form of “blank blank blank in a blank blank”

Teleprompt puzzle for 2024–01–01

I mostly wanted to play with some image generation AI and see if I could build a functional game in one day. It ended up taking two days — mostly because of the complexity involved in integrating Stable Diffusion.

In honor of yesterday’s Wordle (yes that’s my name), I spent part of my last day of 2023 making a significant upgrade to Teleprompt.

Wordle — 2023–12–31

Early Architecture

Stable Diffusion is pretty impressive and I don’t want to sound too negative about it because it is extremely powerful and flexible. It may have…



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